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New Leaks Show Germany’s Collusion With NSA

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Another set of documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden were released by German news magazine Der Spiegel this week.

The 50 documents show the depth of the German intelligence agencies’ collusion with the American based NSA.

Apparently the German Intelligence Agency (BND), the country’s foreign spy agency, and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), the German domestic spy agency, worked more closely with the NSA than they have admitted.

The documents were a glimpse but not an in depth overview.

According to the documents the German government was able to weaken the public’s protection from surveillance. “The German government has changed its interpretation of the G10 law, which protects German citizens’ communications, to allow the BND to be more flexible with the sharing of protected information with foreign partners.”

Germany’s government obviously want to talk to Snowden.

“Another document, entitled “JSA Restrictions,” raises further questions. JSA stands for Joint SigInt Activity – in other words, joint technical investigations of the NSA and the BND at a facility in Bad Aibling, Bavaria. Since the BND, as a foreign intelligence agency, is not allowed to spy on German citizens, the document guarantees that domains ending with the German “.de” can’t be investigated. Similarly excluded are all domain endings belonging to the so-called “Five Eyes” countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, and the US.” – Statement from original source –

“It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious,” says Andre Meister, editor of the Internet rights portal

The NSA knows No Boundary’s….


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“New Leaks Show Germany’s Collusion With NSA”