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New Bionic Lens Could Give You Perfect Vision For The Rest Of Your Life

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An optometrist from British Columbia believes he’s invented the holy grail of corrective lenses: A device that lets you see “three times better than 20/20 vision” without wearing any contacts or glasses at all — for an entire lifetime.

“Wearing corrective eye glasses could soon be a thing of the past. The Ocumetics Bionic Lens, invented by Dr. Garth Webb of Ocumetics Technology Corp, claims to be a painless implant that could change impaired vision forever. In fact, Webb claims the lens will go beyond the standard 20/20 vision, giving patients the super power of seeing three times better.

Presented earlier this year at a cataract and refractive surgery conference, the Ocumetic Bionic Lens was created after eight years of research and experimentation. The project itself has cost a whopping $3 million in funding for research, international patents, and trials. Webb says that with his procedure, which takes just eight painless minutes, every person could have extraordinary eyesight.” said

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“Instead of working like a contact lens, the Bionic Lens acts similarly to cataract surgery, adhering to the eye’s natural lens. The procedure can be done in an out patient office, its steps simply having a saline solution with the lens flushed into the eye with a syringe. After 10 seconds, the folded lens opens up, and moves itself over the eye’s natural lens. Webb says that immediately after the procedure, vision is totally corrected, allowing patients to see farther and more clearly.

Patients with the bionic lens implanted would be safeguarded against cataracts in the future, strengthening the eye’s natural lens which is prone to decay. The procedure is also thought to be safer than invasive laser surgery, with the simple saline-flush process.

Webb hopes his patent will be available as soon as 2017, after more clinical trials.” said

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  • Jacob Osta

    eye’s lens and spreads across the eyebal”s surface …so there might be
    area for concern…in terms of transhumanism and the mutation of the human organism into something fake and aritificial that is not even close to being as sophisticated as the organism that has a sub-DNA level complexity. And i somehow doubt this bionic lens is
    reversible. It is an enhancement perhaps, but makes you wonder if
    they’ve tampered with it in any unofficial way.

    what could the potential side effects be of seeing further distances
    clearer and in more details…that perhaps could mean more data for the
    human brain to process and how might it affect our perception in the
    long run, if someone would like to reverse it can they do that ? Because
    unlike laser eye surgery, it does not restore natural function but
    MERGE something ARTIFICIAL with it that adds EXTRA–far -range
    SIGHT…and that artificial thing is the lens. Are they placing that
    piece of tech within the wider context of the human biological
    organism….i mean you can pump up the music to the max in your
    apartment, but how would it affect the neighbours?

    fair enough, for people with a specific condition like cateracts who have had similar surgeries that fuse artificial lenses…but i still am wondering why they don’t research more organic methods of restoration …i am sure they are easier to achieve than using tech…because you
    have a readymade and sophisticated organic medium that eases your work
    …the human body ..why not fund ways of organically stimulating the
    body’s restoration functions. Why this fetish for trying to fuse
    artificial components.

    • Liftedplane

      One reason to not use more organic methods is for people with eye conditions like mine. I have refractive amblyopia. My body’s natural organic state is wrong. They would either have to provide gene therapy (mutating the genes that are bad into ones that are good, not really possible yet) or give me a bionic eye.

      I honestly would like to be given legs that allow me to jump higher and run faster, eyes that allow me to see better. in my opinion there’s absolutely nothing wrong with modifying what we have if we can make it better.

      I’d prefer it if there was some sort of nano-tech that allowed these changes, could heal wounds instantly and kill cancer, It just doesn’t exist yet. someday it will, someday we will be able to catch and solve these problem in utero or fix them completely when someone becomes paralyzed. we’re just not there yet.

      • Jacob Osta

        Hmm…okaay…my radar says fair enough. For now.

  • ambaryerno

    The catch is: Will insurance cover it, how much will it run, and will it be available for all or is it going to be a privilege of the super-rich?

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“New Bionic Lens Could Give You Perfect Vision For The Rest Of Your Life”