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Netflix Asks FCC To Stop Comcast/TWC Merger Citing ‘Serious’ Public Harm.

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Time Warner and Comcast are attempting to merge making the worlds largest cable company.

Many, including Netflix thinks this is not good.

Netflix has filed a petition demanding that the FCC deny the proposed merger between the 2 giants.

The 256-page document claims that it would result in “serious public interest harm,” and no discernible public benefit — two red flags for regulatory bodies. Netflix cited several examples of harm already inflicted on it by Comcast or Time Warner Cable.

Including but not limited to:
1) Comcast has used network congestion as an excuse to “shift Netflix traffic to paid interconnections,”
2) It also argued that data caps have been used as a tactic to deter consumers from third-party streaming companies like Netflix or Hulu.
3) The merged cable giant would have huge leverage over Netflix and other internet companies.
4) It added that TWC and Comcast offer competing paid video-on-demand services over broadband and thus have “incentives to interfere” with third-party companies like Netflix.


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“Netflix Asks FCC To Stop Comcast/TWC Merger Citing ‘Serious’ Public Harm.”