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Mom Arrested for Letting Kid Play in Lego Store While She Shopped

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As a child, I remember spending hours in the mall. I would often buy a few things and hop in and out of movies and my eyes became wide when I heard the sound of the arcade. My parents were NOT abusing me nor were they neglecting me or putting me in harms way.

But now, it’s a crime.

Yesterday afternoon, a mom in Long Island, New York, was arrested for leaving her 7-year-old at the Roosevelt Field Mall LEGO Store for an hour and 20 minutes while she shopped elsewhere in the mall.

A store manger at the Lego Store became concerned for the well being of the unsupervised child and contacted mall security, who then called 911.

When the mother Patricia Juarez returned to the store, she was arrested without incident at about 5:30 p.m.

Let’s be clear. Letting your kid play by himself in the LEGO Store is not illegal (YET)

Nonetheless, in a country that arrests parents for taking their eyes off their kids anytime before they’re legally old enough to join the Army, Juarez is now considered a criminal.

We need to stop allowing this madness from happening!


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“Mom Arrested for Letting Kid Play in Lego Store While She Shopped”