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Microsoft And Skype Demos Breakthrough Real-Time Translated Conversation Software

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The communications industry is full of bold dreams and leaps. in technology and this most recent announcement is no exception to this rule.

In-fact, it would appear that the Star Trek universal translator is just around the corner thanks to Skype and Microsoft.

The two entities have partnered to create a global translation service over the Skype Network.

Their driving and unified purpose is to break down barriers to human productivity and connection.

Both separately have done a great job of doing this but neither have previously broken the hardest nut to crack which is the “Translation” world.

Skype Translator will allow humans to bridge geographic and language boundaries to connect mind to mind and heart to heart in ways never before possible.

The combined software packge has been demoed and we can not wait for it to go full production in Windows 8!


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“Microsoft And Skype Demos Breakthrough Real-Time Translated Conversation Software”