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Meet The Math Geniuses Who Run Wall Street

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Wolf of Wall Street characters have nothing on QUANTS.

Forget Gordon Gekko. Old-style City traders are being replaced by maths geniuses who use super-computers to beat the markets. But are ‘quants’ (short for quantitative analyst) force for good or evil?

Programmed to scan the internet for words or phrases that might affect stock markets, unthinking machines note the proximity of the words “Obama”, “explosions” and “White House” and unleashed a torrent of trades. Within seconds, QUANTS have made the Dow Jones plunge hundreds of points and wiped out hundreds of billions of capital.

The old “Masters of the Universe” – the Gordon Gekko types with their slicked-back hair and ,000 suits – have been superseded by unbelievably powerful computers capable of analyzing vast amounts of data and buying or selling shares in the blink of an eye. The age of the algorithm has lead to 70% of orders to buy or sell on Wall Street now replaced by software programs.

Most quants don’t believe what they do is necessarily dangerous but they do voice some doubts. A quant can earn up to seven figures, but many former quants believe that “humans just found a new way of being greedy.”


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“Meet The Math Geniuses Who Run Wall Street”