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Meet Kanya Sesser, The Incredible Lingerie Model With No Legs

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Despite being born without legs this Los Angeles-based model Kanya Sesser has embarked on a successful career.

A model named Kanya Sesser is making an incredible statement about beauty standards.

“Sesser, 23, was born without legs, but her disability has not held her back. The model, who also surfs, skateboards, and gives motivational talks, just released a series of inspiring photos modeling lingerie. She’sreportedly been signed to model for major brands such as Nike, Billabong, and Rip Curl Girl. She makes $1,000 per day doing lingerie shoots, according to the New York Daily News.” said

Her motto? “No legs, no limits.”

“Yes, people do stare at me,” Sesser says in the below video. “When people stare at me or look at me, I just think to myself, ‘Alright, cool. I’m a celebrity.'”

“Sesser came to the U.S. when she was five-years-old after being adopted from an orphanage in Thailand, the Daily News reported.” said

Here are more inspiring photos of Sesser:




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“Meet Kanya Sesser, The Incredible Lingerie Model With No Legs”