Man Builds His Own Low Cost Tiny House For 00

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People are starting to realize that maybe a grand luxurious home isn’t the best option when it comes to “comfortable living.” Instead, tiny homes that can be built by hand or even bought are seeming more and more like the ideal choice. Especially for one who is living the single life this is definitely something to consider. Luckily, Pacific Northwestern resident Scott Brooks has proven that the tiny home style is more than formidable by building his own little homestead for “well under” USD 00.

Scott’s house measures only 83 square feet and sits on a 20-acre plot of land owned by a good friend of in Washington. After Brooks spent two years journeying around Africa, Thailand, India, Nepal, Montana, and Alaska, he decided to move back home to settle down and help his friends start an organic farm. He then assembled his little abode to serve as his new sanctuary, and bestowed the title “Transforming Tiny Home,” building the interior while his friend designed the structure.

Scott has a nearby outhouse and shower in which he can clean himself up in as well as a wood burning stove to heat the entire house. Scott reasons that he doesn’t need much to make him happy and that building this house was a really good idea for someone who enjoys the outdoors as well as not minding getting his hands dirty to create something that is going to last him a long while.

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“Man Builds His Own Low Cost Tiny House For 00”