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Laboratory Grown Beef, Meat Without The Murder. But Would You Eat It?

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Laboratory raised meat. Yuck is what most people will think.

I am one of those people. I know, I know your saying well Coach what about killing the animals isn’t that worse.

Well maybe, but here is what I know, every-time man starts to create what nature does naturally something goes WRONG.

At the moment, lab produced meat is just in the lab and cost well over 00,000 per pound to make. This will keep it out of the hands of the public for some time to come.

But there is a future where consumers will be able to 3D print a steak right from there kitchen counter top.

I will never be in line to try this!

A little more detail: Professor Mark Post is the main person involved in growing the lab produced meat. At the moment they can only produce hamburger but they see a future where even human meat can be grown in vitro. Can we say double yuck!

They believe they are about 7 years away from going commercial!

Sergey Brin is the primary financial backer of this fraken meat.

On a side note it appears even pork created in a lab may be considered “Kosher”.


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“Laboratory Grown Beef, Meat Without The Murder. But Would You Eat It?”