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Kim Dotcom Offers Bounty of U.S. Million in Online Piracy Case

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“I’m not a pirate, I’m an innovator”, said Kim Dotcom, who is now entrenched in one of the biggest, most expensive piracy cases ever.

* The Mega upload founder, who is resisting extradition from New Zealand, said he had to resort to offering the m bounty because the deck was stacked against him in one of the largest copyright infringement cases ever. Kim Dotcom is offering a m (£3m) “bounty” to whistle-blowers for information to help fight an online piracy case brought by the US.

* Dotcom’s Mega upload empire was shut down in January 2012. He has long argued that US authorities illegally targeted him at the behest of Hollywood studios. The multimillion dollar offer was aimed at helping him prove that allegation.

Major music labels and the film industry have also filed lawsuits against the file sharing site. Dotcom has launched a new venture called Mega while on bail.

Illustration © John Shakespeare


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“Kim Dotcom Offers Bounty of U.S. Million in Online Piracy Case”