Jacque Fresco Inspires The Aqualibrium Garden

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The fish in the self-cleaning aquarium in the bottom chamber of the Aqualibrium Garden provide the nutrients that feed the plants in the self-watering grow space in the upper chamber. This cycle… like nature herself… is automatic, providing the potential to grow an abundance of fresh vegetables, herbs and flowering plants all year.

As our food supply becomes even more threatened by toxic chemicals and GMOs, it becomes critically important for people to take charge of their own food security. With the Aqualibrium Garden (and the included grow lights), you can now have the freedom to grow anything you want, any time of year… knowing that your food is fresh, natural and organic.

In addition, watching the fish swim and seeing how plants grow can be a great hobby, a wonderful educational tool for children and a smart way to save on the high cost of food. Best of all… the aquarium is self-cleaning and the grow space garden is self-watering!

The vision at Aqualibrium is to help reduce human impact on the planet by working with the cycles of nature to create a renewable, self-sustaining, locally sourced and abundant supply of food. We believe we’ve found part of the solution with aquaponics, an ancient technology with tremendous potential for today’s world.

With our Aqualibrium Garden, anyone anywhere can grow anything they want… free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and genetic manipulation. You’ll be amazed by the amount of fresh produce and herbs that it is possible to grow in the two square feet of upper chamber grow space. Tomatoes, eggplants, basil, mint… wheatgrass for juicing. Virtually anything that can be grown in a standard outdoor garden can now be grown in an Aqualibrium Garden.

Inspired by the designs of futurist Jacque Fresco, the Aqualibrium Garden is modular, sturdy and very stylish. You will have the option of leaving the lower chamber fish tank open (as shown in the above drawing)… or closed by using the four removable clear doors included with each garden. This is a great option for homes with pets and small children.

Although our prototype (as featured in our Kickstarter video) is white, the Aqualibrium production model will be manufactured using clear, UV protected, scratch resistant plastic and will be shipped fully assembled… ready to fill with water, fish, grow medium and plants… perfect for either aquaponics or hydroponics growing.

One Aqualibrium Garden can supply a steady stream of fresh greens for one’s own needs or enough fresh basil or other herbs to generously share with friends and neighbors. Multiple gardens have the potential to meet all the fresh produce needs of any family… meaning that the Aqualibrium Garden can pay for itself with food cost savings alone.

The Aqualibrium Garden is a great gift, a great educational tool… and a great way to help move the world to a better, fresher, sustainable source of food.

Read more here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1414985420/the-aqualibrium-garden-the-future-of-food

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“Jacque Fresco Inspires The Aqualibrium Garden”