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Indonesia: Partially Paralyzed Man Creates His Own Bionic Arm

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Man known as ‘Tawan’ can move his arm with the device he invented after he was paralyzed.

“A Balinese man, Wayan Sumardana, developed a self-made bionic arm in his workshop in the village of Nyuh Tebel in the Karangasem regency of Bali.

The 31-year-old Indonesian welder known as ‘Tawan’ can move his arm with the device he was wearing.


“There are electrodes attached to my scalp, whose functions are to take small signals from the head. These signals would not be detected without this device. The signal is brought forward to an enlarged signal and then taken to the micro-control in my back and transferred to the front,” said Tawan.


“For example, I intend to move this part. Are all part of this activity, but depending on our needs. If the tool is not active, my hand silently sticks to the body. The process works like a dynamo; if there is a shortcut, it remains quiet but spends more energy,” he added.

Tawan suffered a mild stroke and the illness paralyzed his left hand six months ago.” said

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  • Jimmy Rustled

    I can’t be 100% sure this is fake but if i had to bet my money i’d
    definitely say it is…
    Among many other things…. that thing read signals from his brain using
    electrodes in his scalp and the logic circuit boards are exposed to the
    elements? yeah right… someone sneezes behind him and the arm goes
    useless again… AND… so the guy builds a bionic arm and works as a
    welder?!?!??! i mean… let me put it this way… the guy creates a
    circuit board and it’s architecture with all the integrated circuits and
    inevitably programmable array logic chips and microprocessors with all
    the required digital systems knowledge, electronics, programming for
    pals and microprocessors… on that alone the guys is a programmer (and
    not just any programmer for assembly) and a hardware engineer with
    advanced electricity knowledge… uh uh…. then… the guy needs to be a
    mechanical engineer as well with advanced knowledge about torque,
    energy transfers/loss which require a lot of physics knowledge and so
    many other things this guy needs to be a pro on… and… being that
    level of genius he leaves the circuit boards exposed… and works as a
    welder when his knowledge would require a mere mortal to spend 50 years
    locked in a library and studying 16h/day to learn it… and i am not
    exaggerating… advanced electricity knowledge, advanced programming,
    advanced physics, mechanical engineer, hardware engineer and

    And before you start attacking me… i do want to believe the guy really
    did that… but i just can’t, if you ask me the guy just happens to be a
    post apocalyptic games fan…

  • Stuart Dobson

    This is so fake lol…totally Steam Punk! Awesome though 🙂

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“Indonesia: Partially Paralyzed Man Creates His Own Bionic Arm”