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Incredible Video Shows The Earth “Breathing”

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Animation showing the 12-month cycle of all plant life on Earth – whether on land or in the ocean. Rather than showing a specific year, the animation shows an average yearly cycle by combining data from many satellite instruments and averaging them over multiple years.

“The people at NASA don’t always have their heads above the clouds, looking outwards. They just as often use their incredible technology and expertise to get a bit introspective and gaze down onto Earth.

Using data received from numerous satellites, this incredible animation shows the 12-month cycle of Earth’s seasons. As well as showing the vegetative plant life on land, it also shows the chlorophyll concentration from microscopic organisms called phytoplankton in the ocean.


The parts where the land looks brown and barren are regions of Earth experiencing their winter months, whereas during summer you’ll see a lush green.” said iflscience.com

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“Incredible Video Shows The Earth “Breathing””