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Immigration Activists Shut Down Street to Protest Detaining LGBT Refugees

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All too often, LGBT people fleeing their home countries for the United States must face a dire reality: being detained and possibly deported.

In some instances, as was the case for detained trans woman Marichuy Leal Gamino, LGBT immigrants are put in detention centers where they are harassed, abused, and even raped. Some for-profit prison corporations have bed quotas, a minimum number of immigrants that must be detained in order to make money.
It’s a disgusting system that capitalizes on the pain of others.

There are some detention centers specifically created for LGBT immigrants. One of these is in downtown Santa Ana, California, where Fusion’s Jorge Rivas reported today that five immigration activists shut down an intersection for more than an hour.
Rivas wrote that the activists wrapped themselves in chains and demanded the Obama administration end the detention of LGBT immigrants, a practice that they say can result in death.

One of the protestors, Paolo Jara-Riveros, explained to Rivas why the protest was taking place:

“I’m here today to make a statement, we need to stop the deportation of our trans brothers and sisters.”

The plight of LGBT immigrants in this country does not receive the attention it deserves. They represent an intersection that makes many Americans, especially ones on the right, uncomfortable.

We must continue to advocate for LGBT people in this country, and we must do a better job at advocating for the transgender community. The toxic attitudes toward this vulnerable minority have ramifications that can sometimes prove lethal.

Our immigration system is broken. We know that much. But it is nothing short of un-American to turn away people who come to our nation seeking safety, and nothing short of barbaric to lock them away where they can face even more horrors.

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“Immigration Activists Shut Down Street to Protest Detaining LGBT Refugees”