If iPhone Was its Own Company, How Big Do You Think it Would Be?

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We were wondering the same thing…

Apple moved 35.2 million iPhones this quarter, generating 9.75 billion in sales—a sum larger than Amazon’s last reported quarterly revenue. Stack Google and eBay on top of one another, and they barely beat out the little hand-computer.

Sales of iPads might be declining slightly, but at almost .9 billion they’re still a massive business in their own right, generating more revenue than Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Groupon, and Tesla combined. That said, those five companies would slightly outweigh Mac computers, which garnered a mere .5 billion in sales.

Other fun comparisons: Apple’s hardware accessories business (think headphones), generated .3 billion, larger than Chipotle’s .05 billion top line. Weighing in at .5 billion, Apple’s iTunes, software, and services businesses are a little larger than eBay. And while sales of the dowdy old iPod line may be dwindling, the 42 million Apple made off it this quarter is still 77 percent larger Twitter’s 50 million quarterly revenue.


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“If iPhone Was its Own Company, How Big Do You Think it Would Be?”