How You Can Now “Soundtrack Your Brand” With Software Backed By Spotify

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Spotify is the world’s leading steaming music service. Spotify’s ex-head of business development Andreas Liffgarden and co-founder of Beats Music Ola Sars are now trying to transform that same music platform into a business-to-business service.

Soundtrack Your Brand aims to sell Spotify music subscriptions to businesses like bars, restaurants, shops and concert venues. STB launched today in Sweden. The idea makes sense if you’ve ever had a conversation with a restaurant owner or bar manager. A subscription to STB could not only reduce these costs and streamline the venue’s music entertainment, but can also be customized with playlists, venue promos, personal messages, and more.

According to Liffgarden, “The general consensus is that two-thirds of all customers are being served by CD music in public spaces.” Liffgarden said. “It’s a hugely interesting space to go into from a business point of view.”

Coming from a background in radio, media and audio production myself, I personally think is a fantastic idea. I understand the challenges of playlist programming, and any product that can streamline that process will be highly attractive to business owners.

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“How You Can Now “Soundtrack Your Brand” With Software Backed By Spotify”