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Hong Kong’s 17-Year-Old ‘Extremist’ Student Leader Arrested During Massive Democracy Protest

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Joshua Wong, 17, a student protester and the leader of the “Scholarism” movement in Hong Kong, was arrested along with four other demonstrators at Hong Kong government headquarters. Charges consist of accused of police assault.

The incident comes at the end of weeklong student boycott protesting China’s rejection of full universal suffrage in the city. More than 5,000 high school and university students in Hong Kong have been protesting “illegally” outside of Hong Kong government headquarters in Tamar Park for the last five days.

After a 100 person break-in of the Civic Square, police moved in with pepper spray to disband the protest and arrest those who broke into the area.

>Last month, China announced that it would allow Hong Kongers to vote for their next leader in 2017 as promised, but that the candidates had to be approved by a Beijing-endorsed committee. Pro-democracy activists like Wong have said that the move will all but eliminate any hope of a real democratic choice.

>The student protest has the wide support of many Hong Kongers. College administrators, faculty, and the city’s largest teachers’ union have all pledged their support. Most universities have said that students who participate in the protest will not be punished.

Wong’s efforts have earned him the label of “extremist” from state-run media organization.

Though Wong has a mild-mannered and clean-cut disposition, his rhetoric does little to dispel the accusation of “extremism.”

“You have to see every battle as possibly the final battle — only then will you have the determination to fight [for democracy],” Wong recently told CNN.


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“Hong Kong’s 17-Year-Old ‘Extremist’ Student Leader Arrested During Massive Democracy Protest”