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Honda’s ‘Wander’ Concepts Preview The Future Of Urban Mobility

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Honda has created two concept vehicles under a “Wander” line dedicated to the idea that people should be able to get around easily with smaller, simple vehicles. They will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

“The Tokyo Motor Show kicks off next week and with it comes some decidedly wacky transportation concepts. But there are perhaps few wackier than the Honda “Wander Walker” and “Wander Stand” concepts.

Although we’re just over a week away from their global debut, Honda has provided us some high-res images of the Wander-ing duo. Unfortunately, the Japanese automaker’s press relations team has not yet provided us with any information.” said

Honda Wander Walker

Here’s what little info Honda has provided: Wander Stand “was designed to pursue the joy and freedom of mobility under the concept of the ‘WANDER = wander around freely.'” While the Wander Walker was “designed to freely maneuver among pedestrians.”

“However, working with just a few hard facts, there is still much we can still glean from the provided images.

Wander Stand

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.51.20 PM

Starting with the roofed Wander Stand, we can see the concept offers seating for two — including seat belts. Its the inclusion of those belts — as well as a windshield — that tells us it might be capable of near-road-going speeds. The windshield does more than shield passengers from, well, wind though; it also works as a full-width head-up display (HUD). In this rendering, a navigation map is being shown along with ‘message’ and ‘phone’ icons, indicating passengers can most-likely pair their smartphones to the Wander Stand.

As for steering the thing, it appears that job is done not by a steering wheel but rather by the center-mounted joystick. This allows the driver to sit on either side of the vehicle, making it perfect for any car market. When it comes to what propels the Wander Stand, I can only assume that it is all-electric, given its size.” said

Wander Walker


“Turning our attention to the much more compact Honda Walker, we see a vehicle that appears to have been designed more for those incapable of walking long distances. I say this based upon the SOS button on the center stalk. Like the Walker Stand, the Walker features navigation, but on a tablet-sized screen as opposed to a HUD.

Studying the grab-handles and center stalk, I surmise that the thing is accelerated and decelerated by twisting the right handle like a motorcycle. The turning radius seems to be amazing as well, given the front wheels ability to turn 90-degrees against rear. Like the Stand, this four-wheel bad boy is likely electrically powered as well.

Until Honda gives us the full specs next week in Tokyo, these mild assumptions will have to suffice. Be sure to check back more next week when we get the full data dump after the Motor Show goes into full swing.

Wander Walker

Wheels that turn 90 degrees make for a great turning radius.” said

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“Honda’s ‘Wander’ Concepts Preview The Future Of Urban Mobility”