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Homebiogas Is A New Way For City Dwellers To Go Off Grid By Converting Waste Into Value

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HomeBiogas®, a new class, “Off the Grid” biogas system, treats both food waste and animal manure, daily producing clean cooking gas for 3 meals and 10 liters of clean natural liquid fertilizer.

“Do you live in the city and you have always wanted to conserve the environment by making the best use of the compost that you are churning out? It is now possible for you to do so. There are so many people who have always wanted to do this, but the challenges that are associated with composting in the city are immense. One of these challenges is the lack of appropriate space where the individual can compost. If you do not have a yard, composting in the city can be a real problem to begin with.


Most of the city buildings often avail a communal garbage chute for a number of houses. Other than that, it is also impossible to keep your garbage bins on the balcony, so composting is almost impossible for those who are keen on doing this. However, all this is set to change, particularly with an innovative way of composting that has since come to light. A small Israeli startup has come up with small biogas units, which are supposed to help the users convert waste into fertilizer and gas.” said


“This system is designed to accept up to 6 liters of food waste, including dairy and meat, which in most cases are not considered a good idea for home composting. For animal manure, this system can take up to 15 liters every day, and this includes things like waste from pets, which in normal cases are not considerably a good idea for composting at home.


With the waste having been turned into fuel, you can use this to cook a number of meals every other day. In as far as cooking time is concerned, you get between 2 and 4 hours of cooking time from this fuel, which is a really good way of cutting down on the conventional costs of energy in the house.


Right now the project is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to get the HomeBiogas unit into full production. Currently, backers can pledge $890 and they will receive one of the units. It’s a good deal considering that after the campaign is over, the price will go up to $1,500.” said

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“Homebiogas Is A New Way For City Dwellers To Go Off Grid By Converting Waste Into Value”