Harvesting waste plastic for 3D printers to reduce poverty: Plastic Bank

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Once hailed as a miracle material, the now ubiquitous plastic is out of control, and it’s polluting the water, littering our landscapes, and endangering wildlife all over the world. But what if all of that waste plastic could be used as a type of currency, and used to help reduce poverty?

That’s the idea behind Plastic Bank, which calls for harvesting and repurposing waste plastics and using them, in conjunction with 3D printing, as “Social Plastic”.

“The Plastic Bank is setting up plastic repurposing centers around the world, where there’s an abundance of both waste plastic and poverty.

We are empowering people to harvest plastics as a currency they can exchange for tools, household items, parts & 3D printing.

Our mission is to remove plastic waste from the land, oceans and waterways while helping people ascend from poverty and transition into entrepreneurship.” – Plastic Bank

Read more here http://www.treehugger.com/clean-technology/harvesting-waste-plastic-reduce-poverty-plastic-bank.html

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“Harvesting waste plastic for 3D printers to reduce poverty: Plastic Bank”