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Enough is enough! On Monday, November 25, people of CUNY invite NYC to March on the CUNY Machine. During the Fall of 2013, the CUNY Machine has joined forces with militarism in suppressing free speech on our campuses. David Petraeus teaches a class on U.S. Empire alongside the return of ROTC, but students are beaten and arrested at anti-war pickets. City College shuts down the Morales/Shakur Center, and then suspends two students who worked to reclaim it–both now face up to a year in jail for spurious charges. CUNY admins have ushered in the Pathways Initiative assembly line to churn students out quickly, while working teachers and staff to the bone. And now, the CUNY Board of Trustees (BoT) proposes an anti-free speech policy to broadly limit and police all of our ability to assemble, speak, and exchange materials without official permission.

12pm – NYC-wide students solidarity walkout

1:30pm – Press Conference at CUNY Central Offices (42nd st & 3rd ave, Manhattan), featuring CUNY students, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY, and Transit Workers Union.

2pm – March down 3rd ave to Baruch College.

3pm – Rally/speak-out against the CUNY Machine outside Baruch Vertical Campus building (E 25th st between Lexington and 3rd ave) through the evening, featuring music by Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

4pm – CUNY Board of Trustees Business Meeting, 14th floor.

RSVP/share: https://www.facebook.com/events/195672517284808

Text @stopcunymachine to 23559 for updates

Twitter: #cunymachine

Connect: HarlemUniversityStudentUnion@gmail.com

Resources from We Occupy CUNY: https://sites.google.com/site/occupycunywiki/resources/action-resources

This is a day of NYC-wide solidarity – because an injury to CUNY is an injury to all!

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