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Hackers Unveil Their Plan To Change Email

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Ladar Levison, creator of an encrypted email service used by Edward Snowden recently shut down his email business due to government interference.

They demanded customer information that he was not willing to provide.

In a DefCon convention he recently had this to say:
“I’m not upset that I got railroaded and I had to shut down my business,” said Levison. “I’m upset because we need a Mil-Spec [military grade] cryptographic mail system for the entire planet just to be able to talk to our friends and family without any kind of fear of government surveillance.”

The result is that he is now creating a new email protocol that resembles a Russian doll, in that 1 piece of meta data is sent at each stage of the delivery step.

“Each doll is labeled only with the stuff that is needed,” Callas told TIME. “So if you’re on Google, you get a doll that says ‘This doll came from Yahoo.’ Then you hand it to the next layer and they open it up and say, ‘This is for Alice.’ Then when Alice opens it up, Alice gets the whole message. But all along the way, my system only knows that it’s supposed to go to Google, not that it’s for Alice … It separates stuff up so that you don’t end up in a situation where anybody along the path knows everything,” Callas said.

It is called Dime and Dime’s creators hope that enough people will begin using the service on their own that a major email service provider, like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft — all of whom are already exploring ways to better encrypt users’ messages — adopts it and it snowballs from there. Ultimately, what the Dark Mail project is aiming for is nothing less than a complete transformation of the way email works on planet Earth.


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“Hackers Unveil Their Plan To Change Email”