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Guy Files Dishwasher User Manual as an FCC Comment on Net Neutrality

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As the FCC begins to sift through over 1 million comments were filed concerning net neutrality, one stands out as so brilliantly weird, it deserves mention.

In a hilarious but incomprehensible statement on the nature of the free and open internet Kurt Schaake of Lawrence, Kansas, appears to have filed the Dishwasher User Instruction manual for a Whirlpool dishwasher as his comment.

Schaake is that is an engineer who helped to rebuild Iraq a decade ago. Here’s a [photo of him sitting in a “golden throne”]( at Saddam Hussein’s presidential palace.

Reddit commenter [coconut-electric]( suggests “He’s saying that we are the soft plastic bowls and cups. The opportunistic ISPs are the bottom rack. If you put us on the bottom rack, we might melt. Please put us back on the top rack.”

Or maybe it’s more simply implying “what’s the use, you’ll never read this anyway.” as suggested by [freemanposse](


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“Guy Files Dishwasher User Manual as an FCC Comment on Net Neutrality”