Green sidewalk makes electricity

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Pavegen are an innovation company head quartered in London, who develop and manufacture flooring technology that converts the wasted kinetic energy from human footfall into renewable electricity. This clean tech energy source can power applications such as lighting, signage and communications networks in both indoor and outdoor environments of industries.

The concept of Pavegen was developed in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook, whilst researching kinetic-off grid energy solutions at Loughborough University. Since the company’s inception, Pavegen have independently embarked on a journey to become the market leader in the footfall energy harvesting sector, generating substantial global press coverage and public interest, with a series of commercial installations underway.

Our aim is to make Pavegen technology available to every community in the world by achieving mass production to equate the cost of our tiles against standard flooring solutions. Through our journey, we have developed a range of renewable energy technology products, and the company continues to thrive in this prospering market.

Pavegen are eager to develop new partnerships and are currently seeking investment to help achieve our vision of becoming the global leader in kinetic energy harvesting, transforming the smart cities of tomorrow.

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“Green sidewalk makes electricity”