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GoPro IPO To Raise Up to 27.2 Million, Could Value Company At Billion

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GoPro, the maker of wearable sports cameras has forever change the face of adventure, vacations, social sharing and having fun by creating more than a wearable HD quality camera. What they have created is a following of devoted people who are willing to strap the cameras on their heads, backs, chests and on their bikes, surfboards, cars, kayaks, skis and thousands of more places and usable applications.

This following has quickly caused GoPro to be one of the most sought after cameras in the world and they are betting big that the world will continue to want them by going public. The company is pricing its shares between 1 and 4 and hopes to raise 27.2 million, which would bring its valuation to around billion.

The trading symbol is: “GPRO”.

GoPro’s revenue soared to 85.7 million in 2013, from 26 million in 2012 and 34.2 million the year before. Put another way, GoPro sales more than quadrupled between 2011 and 2013.

But revenue for was down during first quarter of this year (35.7 million, down from 55.1 million in the same quarter a year earlier).

As for me, I am a GoPro fan. I hope they do well. That stated will they? Wallstreet wants nothing more than profit. And if profit dips they will spit you out.

I do not think it is natural to always be on the rise. Everything in nature and the universe has ups and owns, peaks and valleys.

So should GoPro be penalized, will they be penalized, will they raise the capital they are looking for?

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“GoPro IPO To Raise Up to 27.2 Million, Could Value Company At Billion”