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Can Playing Video Games Get You A Good Job? Girls Who Game Could Grow Into Women Who Code

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It is well established that females are generally less interested in working in the tech industry than males. A lot of people tend to think that, like many things, the problem starts in our education system — Girls don’t get the encouragement they need to get into tech areas like coding.

It’s an issue that Nitasha Tiku, co-editor of tech news site ValleyWag, has been thinking a lot about. In an op-ed piece for the New York Times this week, Tiku posits that the easiest way to get girls into coding might be to look at what already interests them: gaming.

Games like Minecraft, which has a “creative” mode where gamers can use Java to build their own worlds, are introducing players to coding without them realizing that they are developing a skill. It’s these kinds of covert methods of getting a diverse group of people interested in programming that Tiku thinks will ultimately be more effective.

Certainly groups like Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code are doing their part as well. Tiku says these programs are important for thinking about how to get more girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields:

“These after school programs…their goal is to be incorporated into the classroom. They think of themselves as a sandbox where you can sort of experiment with different languages.”

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“Can Playing Video Games Get You A Good Job? Girls Who Game Could Grow Into Women Who Code”