Germany Builds A Solar City That Produces Four Times The Energy It Consumes (Video)

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When it comes to clean energy, most people in green communities believe the future of power usage will be solar energy. Initially, such a belief would only be delegated to a dream given the fact that the first solar panels were arguably insufficient in proficiency.

That is no longer an issue as numerous upgrades of solar panels have gone through over the years, especially one in which they look just like glass panels for windows. Nevertheless, some countries are not waiting for the window-like solar panels to be assimilated into green tech as certain countries like Peru and Bangladesh aim to be countries living off of older designs of said solar panels.

Though Peru and Bangladesh both have green technology endeavors that are admirable, the primary reason they are switching to solar energy is to provide electricity to their citizens who do not have access to their power grid. However, a city in Germany was made specifically to run solely on solar energy. As a matter of fact, the solar city produces four times more energy than what the city consumes.

According to Inhabitat, the Sonnenschiff and Solarsiedlung — located in Freiburg, Germany, — is a self-sustaining city that uses smart solar design along with a multitude of photovoltaic panels pointed in the direction of the sun. Both were designed by Rolf Disch in which the Sonnenschiff (Solar Ship) and Solarsiedlung (Solar Village) put major emphasis on power production through a series of large rooftop solar arrays that double as sun shades. It should also be noted the rooftops are built to a standard known as “Passivhaus,” which allows energy production to be four times the amount than what is consumed.

What makes the Sonnenschiff and Solarsiedlung unique is the fact it was designed with solar energy as a primary factor. Usually, solar energy projects for city and/or town energy plans come as an afterthought after the city or town is built. The Sonnenschiff and Solarsiedlung were specifically designed and built to be a solar city, balancing size, accessibility, green space, and solar exposure. Fifty-two homes make up the residential area along with commercial buildings emphasizing livability with a minimal footprint. Phase-change materials and vacuum insulation are also incorporated to boost the thermal performance of the Sonnenschiff and Solarsiedlung’s wall system.

Minds also reported on the Sonnenschiff and Solarsiedlung with pretty much the same information as the initial source. However, they were able to provide a documentary detailing specifics of the Sonnenschiff and Solarsiedlung by Rolf Disch himself. And apparently, the Sonnenschiff and Solarsiedlung are growing as people cannot see the solar panels on their newer buildings blending in as part of the structure instead of being built on it.

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“Germany Builds A Solar City That Produces Four Times The Energy It Consumes (Video)”