​Free, hi-tech HIV vaccine coming soon

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A revolutionary, free and crowd-funded HIV vaccine is in the works. Its creators use a machine learning algorithm to examine the cells of rare individuals naturally immune to the virus to then re-engineer the same biological process in others.

The Immunity Project, as the team is called, is completely crowd-funded. Not only does it promise an effective vaccine this time around, it uses a revolutionary method to achieve its goals and vows to revolutionize how we look at vaccines in general: this one will be a fraction of the cost of development by big pharmaceutical companies, while costing the general population nothing.

An effective cure could be made available to the public in 2016.

*Donate to the project here http://www.immunityproject.org/

Read more here http://rt.com/news/free-hiv-aids-vaccine-113/

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“​Free, hi-tech HIV vaccine coming soon”