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Free Enterprise Is Dead… Georgia Dealers Want Tesla Shuttered For Selling Too Many Electric Cars.

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Free Enterprise Is Dead.

Tesla Motors has been denied selling rights in over 26 states and Georgia is trying to become the 27th.

If the reason for the denials were about consumer safety, I would be ok with this, but safety is not the concern or issue. Instead it is pure greed and to an extent, fear.

The greed and fear is one and the same. If people are buying electric cars then sales will be lost on gas powered cars. Gas and oil production goes down and billions will be lost.

I am sick and tired of money ruling the world, i am tired of rich bullies getting their way and i am sickened that the little guy (Tesla) is not allowed to enter what has been known as the free market system.

“Tesla’s crime? Selling 173 cars directly from a factory-owned store located 25 miles away from Atlanta, the only Tesla retail location in Georgia. The dealers say Tesla can only sell 150 cars a year from the shop under state rules, and therefore should lose its dealer license entirely.

“It’s just very simple — we want them to comply with the law the way others are,” Bill Morie, president of the Georgia dealers association, told Automotive News.

The elimination of one store in a state of 10 million people may seem like a minor blow given that there is still a five-month waiting list for the Tesla Model S. But the long-term cost to Tesla may be far greater than most consumers and investors would imagine.

If the dealers prevail, here’s where the nearest Tesla outlets would be, and their respective distances from metro Atlanta:

Nashville: 4 hours

Tampa: 6 hours

St. Louis: Over 8 hours.”


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“Free Enterprise Is Dead… Georgia Dealers Want Tesla Shuttered For Selling Too Many Electric Cars.”