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Finnish Police: “Call 911 if You See an Uber!”

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The police in Helsinki, Finland have asked people to call 911 (112 in Finland) if they see someone driving an Uber car.

The police in Helsinki, Finland have announced in a tweet that if you see someone driving an Uber car you should call 911 (or actually, 112 in Finland). In an article in the local newspaper they have explained that there is an ongoing investigation to find out whether or not Uber is legal in Finland and they want to interrogate Uber drivers. Normally you should have a permit to drive a taxi in Finland.

Some people feel that the local taxi companies in Finland should build their own app that mimics Uber and, in so doing, keep money and benefits in Finland, instead of allowing a US business to step in and reap the benefits. Some feel that with so many talented people in Finland an even better solution could be built.

However, others argue that while the city could offer the same services as Uber, they haven’t done so yet. Some Finnish residents complain of the ridiculous fares and long waits that are an accepted part of taking a taxi in Finland.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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“Finnish Police: “Call 911 if You See an Uber!””