Fake Customer Service Rep Trolls Complainers Of Target’s New Gender Neutral Policy

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Target started an effort to become more gender inclusive, doing so by getting rid of gender-based signs in its store’s toy sections. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about it.

As with every progressive brand change, people have been flooding Target’s social media pages with serious and sarcastic complaints about its new policy, which was announced on Aug. 7.

In response, a Facebook troll called Ask ForHelp has been responding to these unhappy customers with hilariously snarky comments, pretending to represent Target customer service. Naturally, the account doesn’t take being made fun of with a grain of salt.


Facebook user Mike Melgaard claims to own the Ask ForHelp account and has been posting screenshots of his favorite interactions online.

Target’s new policy only applies to the store’s toy sections, meaning signs that distinguish otherwise unisex items, like bicycles and building sets as “for boys” or “for girls,” will no longer be present in its stores.

However, some people online have confused the new policy to mean that all signage, like men’s and women’s clothing or other necessary items, will be mixed together as well.

Melgaard has shared screenshots of his interactions with these people in adedicated photo album on his personal Facebook page, since Ask ForHelp has been removed from the site.

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“Fake Customer Service Rep Trolls Complainers Of Target’s New Gender Neutral Policy”