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Facebook-Integrated Wallet Makes Sending Bitcoin as Easy as Messaging

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BitCoin is coming to Facebook via QuickCoin promising to make transactions easier for the everyday user.

Marshall Hayner, co-founder of the company, said that the goal for QuickCoin is to remove the complexities of bitcoin for users:
“If average people are going to adopt bitcoin, they have to be able to use it without even really knowing they are using bitcoin, or feeling like they are subjected to a complicated process.”

The Plan: Keeping It Simple
Promises a one step sign in using your Face Book account setting. “The application then creates a list of contacts from Facebook friends to whom the user can send bitcoin – even if they have not signed up for the service.” (Is this a good thing?)

– To add funds to their QuickCoin wallet, users can click the ‘Receive Bitcoin’ option, which brings up a QR code containing the wallet key. Funds can also be sent to an external wallet via the ‘Send Bitcoin’ option. –

Going further the founders had this to say about keeping it simple – “Not everyone has the time to do extensive research about bitcoin before they begin to use it,” said Hayner. ”In fact, most of the people browsing the Internet today couldn’t tell you how DNS works, the same is true for bitcoin.”

Is this it for the start up?

Hayner, and the company’s other co-founders William Cotton and Nathan Lands had this to say –

“QuickCoin Social Wallet is our first product. Facebook is only the beginning and we have plans for some amazing features and partnerships in the months to come.”

The technology is new, will you adopt or reject?


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“Facebook-Integrated Wallet Makes Sending Bitcoin as Easy as Messaging”