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Elon Musk Will Open Up Its Tesla Supercharger Patents To Boost Electric Car Adoption

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At a recent UK Tesla Model S release, Elon Musk is holding true to his word: Superchargers should not become a “walled garden.” This will allow other manufactures and companies to open similar style charging stations. Which in turn means there will not be a need for multiple manufacture stations.

What? A standard? Yep that is what could happen. And as usual this flies in the face of the normal money hungry retard out there who want to create niche products to capture the market place.

Tesla might need to give away some intellectual property about components within the cars themselves but I think Elon has evolved beyond they petty desires of modern society.

It is not all about creating FREE stuff; Supercharger technology is also a business model in which electricity is given away “free for life” for Model S owners, with all costs factored into the upfront price of the car.

“Musk is very clear that other EV makers would have to subscribe to this same business model if they want to partner up. They’d also have to contribute a “fair” proportion to the maintenance and running costs of the ever-expanding Supercharger network itself — costs which he insists aren’t very onerous, especially since the physical locations are often given to Tesla rent-free, and in some cases they’re powered by solar panels. Rival companies might turn their noses up, of course, and in fact they’re already battling over alternative charging standards, but it’s clear that the offer is there if they want it.”


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“Elon Musk Will Open Up Its Tesla Supercharger Patents To Boost Electric Car Adoption”