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‘Eco Bath’ makes sure that water used in the toilet isn’t that clean

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We’ve seen concepts that aim to make use of the gray water produced in your home to flush your toilet, but many of us thought that the system would end up making you wear a mask before you enter the toilet. Jang Woo-Seok’s “Eco Bath” system is a little different. It makes use of gray water but only after purifying it a bit, not by using the latest in UV purification, but simply mixing it with fresh water.

The flush tank is connected to a freshwater source as well as a sink. When gray water enters the tank, it is mixed with the same amount of fresh water. This 50-50 consistency keeps your toilet drains unclogged and also ensures that 50% of fresh water is saved in the process.

See more images here http://www.environmentteam.com/concept/eco-bath-50-eco-friendly/

Learn more here http://blog.thebathoutlet.com/2013/09/a-new-way-to-reuse-water.html

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“‘Eco Bath’ makes sure that water used in the toilet isn’t that clean”