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If there is any country in the world that is preparing itself for a long-awaited sci-fi futurescape, it would have to be Dubai. Ever the explorers in their noble pursuit to invest in the future, Dubai has been, on countless occasions, wowing the global population with their dedication in becoming a powerhouse hub of technological innovation and futuristic architecture. To up the ante, Dubai is set to open their latest venture, ‘Museum of the Future’, in 2017. Combining 3D printing, advanced robotics, drones, and so much more, the ‘Museum of the Future’ will mark a turning point for the country.

If you thought that was it, you’d be sorely mistaken! Not only will the ‘Museum of the Future’ provide venue for aesthetic futuristic pleasure for bystanders and tourists, it subsequently has plans in becoming a hot-spot for innovation labs and exhibits for future inventions. According to Sheikh Mohammed, the museum will also offer “advanced courses and specialized workshops” to ensure it becomes “a destination for the best and brightest inventors and entrepreneurs.” Not only that, the museum has plans to maintain ongoing changes every 6 months, so as to keep pace with exponentially growing technologies.

Opening up next to the Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, this 36 million museum will not only become a hallmarker to the very future we are creating today, but equally the future we’ll create in the coming decades. This shouldn’t be a problem, given the UAE’s economic rise to the top in the last few years, most of which due to Dubai’s forward thinking. From robots to drones, holograms to 3D printers, the entire structure of Dubai’s ‘Museum of the Future’ will convey the futuristic nuance and aesthetic that was originally only imagined in sci-fi literature. It’s no wonder the museum’s motto is, “See the future, create the future!”

Said to be “an incubator for ideas and real designs,” it’s only fitting to know that a great deal of the museum’s overall design will be aided using 3D printing construction techniques. When you look at the digital incarnation of what the museum will look like, one can’t help but notice the complex architectural designs that 3D printers are known to master. After all, what better way of showing off the future’s potential than by housing it using advanced futuristic technology!

“The world is entering a new era of accelerated knowledge and great technological revolutions. We aim to lead in that era, not to follow and lag behind. The ‘Museum of the Future’ is the first step of many to come, marking the beginning of great achievements.” – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

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