Driblet smart water meter harvests its own energy

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Here’s a crowd-funding campaign that probably deserves to be doing better than it is. Driblet is a smart water meter that connects to a water pipe to track use. Best of all, once it’s installed, you don’t need to worry about it running out of energy.

Even if you pay a flat rate for your water, Driblet might help you to keep your energy bills down, tracking and storing temperature so users can keep an eye out for water being heated more than is necessary. But probably the cleverest thing about Driblet is that it harvests energy from the water flowing through the pipe. Its battery doesn’t need to be replaced or recharged – in fact, it doesn’t even have one.

As you might expect in 2013, Driblet is a fully fledged Internet of Things device, so it’ll report back to the cloud via your Wi-Fi without need of syncing it with a computer. Stored on a remote server, data about your water usage is ready to be accessed by an Android or iOS device (or it will be, when the apps are released, which will be “soon” apparently).

Driblet can also be configured to trigger certain alarms if your preset consumption targets are in jeopardy. Its makers reckon these alarms can cut consumption by up to 30 percent. They say that they are working with governments, companies and NGOs to use the patent-pending technology in water conservation programs, and that they are working to donate water to areas of need.

Read more here http://www.gizmag.com/driblet-smart-water-meter/29650/

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“Driblet smart water meter harvests its own energy”