Dreadnoughtus, Worlds Largest Land Titan Dinosaur Has Been Discovered.

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A new Dreadnought class dinosaur has been found in Santa Cruz province of southern Argentina. The find was in 2005 but only recently has the news been given to the public.

Dreadnoughtus schrani weighs in at an astonishing 65 tons, standing two stories high at the shoulder, and measuring 85 feet long, this titan is the heaviest dinosaur ever (accurately) measured.

Its discovery represents the most fossil mass ever found for a single organism.

“For the [largest] dinosaurs, which we call titanosaurs, finding anything around 20 percent of the fossil is usually considered a home run,” says Kenneth Lacovara, the lead Drexel University paleontologist behind the find. “Normally you only find a handful of bones, and the previous record was a 27 percent complete skeleton. With Dreadnoughtus we found 70 percent.”

Near complete finds are rare because it requires an instant covering of the creature in a sealing substance.

“As you can imagine, it’s an extraordinary occurrence for something as big as a Dreadnoughtus to be buried so quickly. But according to Lacovara, the scientists believe a rapid pair of floods, caused by broken earthen levees in the valley where Dread was found, are behind the impressively complete find.”

And to make records more astonishing, accurate and complete they found two!!

The biggest of which was composed of 115 massive bones and a single tooth. It took 4 annual trips just to haul the fossil out of the ground, and then another 4 years of cleaning and fossil preparation work to get it ready for study.

According to Jason Poole, a head fossil preparator at Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences and member of the excavation team, “We really started to get a great picture of how lucky we were after that first season. People kept finding all these [fossilized bones] still in their anatomically correct positions over and over again. It was really exciting.”

[Image Downloads Of The Giant Here](http://figshare.com/articles/Dreadnoughtus_schrani_3D_PDF_images_Lacovara_et_al_2014_A_Gigantic_Exceptionally_Complete_Titanosaurian_Sauropod_Dinosaur_from_Southern_Patagonia_Argentina_Scientific_Reports_/1130885)

The Dread hails from the late Cretaceous Period (about 77 million years ago, close to the end of the age of dinosaurs) and lived in high-altitude and heavily forested valleys.

We are not sure if he is the largest but he is the most complete fossil of the giants that have been found to date.


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“Dreadnoughtus, Worlds Largest Land Titan Dinosaur Has Been Discovered.”