Dramatic Clashes Between Police and Sugar Plant Workers in Peru

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Police in Peru fired tear gas at field and factory area workers who work at a sugar plant owned by the Agroindustrial Tuman company.

The workers have been on strike for more than 30 days in protest because of non-payment for the months of March and April.

Representatives for the workers, who claim they have yet to get paid, are also protesting over abuses by the company’s payroll clerks demanding their resignation.
The striking workers clashed with police officers outside the police station, as they attempted to rescue colleagues arrested by officers earlier in the day.

The protesters were arrested for blocking the Cajamarca – Lambayeque highway, leaving vehicles stranded for hours.

Protesters threw rocks and molotov cocktails at the barricaded doors at the police station.

The strike has brought the sugar plants production to a halt, local media reported.
Workers claim they have not been paid because the company has gone bankrupt, due to poor handling by its administrators.

Agroindustrial Tuman is a Peru-based company primarily engaged in the agriculture who’s main activities focus of sugar harvesting and processing.

Learn more here http://www.labourspokesman.com/newsitem.asp?more=politics&NewsID=10789

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“Dramatic Clashes Between Police and Sugar Plant Workers in Peru”