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Did Homer Predict the Future in an Early Simpsons Episode?

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This episode featured Homer designing a car that was surprisingly ahead of its time.

Some of the features that made Homer’s car so terrible in the
“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” episode are actually commonplace in 21st century vehicles.

Homer finds his long-lost brother Herb Powell is the head of a successful major automotive company in Detroit (a fact that shows the episode’s age a bit). Homer gets to design a car that was way ahead of its time. Some of the things he wanted have indeed made their ways into cars, if not exactly as Homer-Damus expected.

* Multiples horns, all of which play “La Cucaracha”
* A separate soundproof bubble dome for kids, with optional restraints and muzzles
* An engine that will make people think “the world is coming to an end”
* Gigantic cup holders for the soda cups from the Kwik-E-Mart
* Soundproof interiors

Unfortunately, no automaker offers the best feature of The Homer: the sweet bowling trophy hood ornament.


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“Did Homer Predict the Future in an Early Simpsons Episode?”