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How Developments in Quantum Physics Are About to Transform Our Daily Lives

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In the early 20th century scientist discovered the world of Quantum Mechanics.

And we have never looked back…

So many miraculous inventions have enriched ours lives like; electric light-bulbs, transistors, amplifiers, smartphones, lasers, almost all modern electronics, flat screen TV’s and more.

The best part that has been put to use so far are magnetics and superconductive materials. But super conductivity comes at a price. Sub zero temperatures are required to achieve most super conductivity.

Quantum effects become far more apparent at extremely low temperatures. When an electricity conductor is brought near to absolute zero, –459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, it is as if the electrons carrying the electrical current no longer meet any resistance. Traditional electrical theory goes out the window. Such “superconductors” make it possible to generate otherwise impossibly powerful magnets and tiny Squids (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices), which act as incredibly sensitive magnetic detectors.

But the best is yet to come….

Scientist are today determining how to create superconductivity at room temperatures. When this happens the world is our oyster!

Beyond that who knows? There is much to discover concerning quantum particles.


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“How Developments in Quantum Physics Are About to Transform Our Daily Lives”