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Comcast’s Worst Nightmare: How a Tennessee City Could Save America’s Internet

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Why is Comcast terrified of Chattanooga?

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s EPB realized that smart-grid energy infrastructure could provide consumers with fast Internet speeds at competitive prices. The result is a system that now provides some of the nation’s fastest broadband speeds at prices often cheaper than Comcast. In this twisted, crony capitalist system in America, the state has actually outperformed telecom corporations by leaps and bounds. Let that sink in.

The higher speeds and more efficient networks is great news for local businesses and taxpayers – as long as the taxpayers are Internet users. Hopefully this happens in other cities, with more private companies providing services instead of monopolies like Verizon and Comcast. The telecom industry needs open internet coupled with voluntary, free market corrections; not more lobbying and crony capitalism.


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“Comcast’s Worst Nightmare: How a Tennessee City Could Save America’s Internet”