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“Code Pink” Protester Interrupts Cheney Iran Speech, Yells: “No More Warmongering”

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A member of Code Pink protested Dick Cheney’s speech on the dangers of the recent deal with Iran. The protester was quoted as saying “No More Warmongering”.

A protester in support of the Iranian nuclear deal briefly stopped Former Vice President Dickey Cheney’s speech on Monday as he pushed members of Congress to vote against the proposed deal.


Former Vice President Dick Cheney was speaking at the American Enterprise Institute about the problems with the Iran nuclear deal when he was heckled.

“Why should we be listening to him?” yells the protester. “He was wrong on Iraq, he was wrong on Iran.”

“Diplomacy not war, no more war mongering, Dick Cheney is a war criminal, we should not be listening to him.”

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““Code Pink” Protester Interrupts Cheney Iran Speech, Yells: “No More Warmongering””