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Civilians In Abandoned McDonald’s Seize Control Of Wandering Space Satellite

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The ISEE-3 is a disco-era satellite that was LAUNCHED IN 1978 and is now being controlled by civilians. One of those civilians is a retired NASA employee.

The citizens created a fund raising campaign to help take over the out of commission satellite. When the funds were raised they pitched an idea to NASA and in a surprise turn of events, NASA said yes.

The team has cobbled a few parts from ebay and the trash and they were able to “awaken” the dormant satellite when it came back into orbit.

the technology is old and outdated but it does still function.

The satellite was built to measure space weather like solar wind and radiation, but went out of commission decades ago.

They are allowing anyone and everyone to have access to the live streaming data it is sending.



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“Civilians In Abandoned McDonald’s Seize Control Of Wandering Space Satellite”