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Citi Bank cites Dogecoin as a “significant” crypto-currency in its new report on disruptive technologies

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In their May 2014 corporate publication ‘Disruptive Innovations II: Ten More Things to Stop and Think About’, Citi Bank called Dogecoin a “significant” crypto-currency.

*”Bitcoin is far ahead of other digital currencies in market capitalization but transactions in Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Blackcoin are significant as well.”*

Many Dogecoin supporters think that the crypto-currency is undervalued. Dodgecoin is currently ranked #7 out of 100 coins on, with a market cap of about US 0 million. Once more people start investing in crypto-currencies (and diversifying with alt-coins instead of just using one), that market cap will likely increase.

Dogecoin is being said to have a future precisely because it’s being spent and shared widely before it becomes much more valuable per coin. Dogecoin is unique in this aspect. Some investors who chase the volatile value of Bitcoin are almost like penny stock day traders, hoping their investment in alt-coins will pay off. Absolutely nothing wrong with a little profit and wanting an ROI for mining heavily, but more crypto-currencies need to be spent regularly to have an impact on our economy. The true power of alt-coins is in anonymous numbers, and can only change our political paradigm if people start treating it like they would a “real currency” and not another investment in their portfolio.

If the U.S. government tried to fund another illegal war of aggression with a crypto-currency, they would fail – because there is no private corporation called the Federal Reserve with which to print endless amounts of Bitcoin or Dogecoin. And this my friends, is one of the reasons why crypto-currencies could change the world. Wow. Very peaceful society. So true freedom. Much personal liberty.

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“Citi Bank cites Dogecoin as a “significant” crypto-currency in its new report on disruptive technologies”