Chris Anderson: Makers – The New Industrial Revolution

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CHRIS ANDERSON is the most forward-looking and articulate speaker about the effect of new technology on business. His first book, The Long Tail, is the definitive account of how the internet undermined blockbuster-culture and created an economy of targeted niche products. His next book, Free, explored the new online marketplace of “free” products, explaining how companies can make money by giving things away.

Now, in his newest book, Makers, Chris unfolds for us the latest chapter in the digital revolution: a physical revolution.Makers: The New Industrial Revolution introduces a new era of micro-manufacturing. New technologies such as 3D printing and electronics assembly allow anyone with an idea to build it. Data can become objects — and everyone nowadays has access to data. This means the extraordinary democratization of information which the internet has enabled is about to be mirrored by the democratization of physical creation. In Chris’ phrase, “atoms are the new bits”.
Chris isn’t sitting on the sidelines of this revolution. He is the founder of DIYDrones, an open source community with 12,000 people and three factories around the world. Chris has also founded 3DRobotics, a robotic manufacturing company that began as a GeekDad hobby with his children.

As Editor-in-chief of Wired, Chris led the magazine to two dozen National Magazine Award nominations, winning the prestigious top prize for general excellence in 2005, 2007 and 2009. Chris stepped down from his role at Wired after an incredibly successful 12-year run to become CEO of 3DRobotics. He worked at The Economist for seven years in various positions and served as an editor at the two premier science journals, Science and Nature.

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“Chris Anderson: Makers – The New Industrial Revolution”