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Central Hong Kong Shut Down by 80,000 Pro Democracy Demonstrators.

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“Hong Kong police have fired repeated volleys of tear gas to disperse pro-democracy protests and baton-charged the crowd blocking a key road in the government district after official warnings against illegal demonstrations.”

Student groups are attempting to pressure Beijing into granting full democracy to Hong Kong.

Sunday the students took to the streets and the chanting protesters converged on police barricades surrounding their colleagues, who had earlier launched a “new era” of civil disobedience.

Riot police staged repeated pepper spray and baton charges and threw tear gas at the crowds. Police have not used tear gas in Hong Kong since 2005.

80,000 people thronged the streets in the city’s Admiralty district.

“Chanting “remove the blockade” and “shame on you”, thousands of protesters blocked some of Hong Kong’s busiest streets and milled among the stalled traffic.”

“About 3,000 protesters blocked a major road in Kowloon, bringing traffic to a standstill and opening up a second significant flash point in the key financial hub”.

Police have warned they could use greater force then the already deployed tear gas and baton beatings if the tens of thousands demonstrators do not leave the area.

>”We only use force when it’s necessary and ensure only the minimum necessary force is used,” he said. The police have a duty to protect the members of public and will take action as necessary to ensure this is done.”

>Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying had pledged “resolute” and “lawful” action against the movement known as Occupy Central with Love and Peace. “The police are determined to handle the situation appropriately in accordance with the law,” Mr Leung said just hours before the charge began. “We’ve been encouraging people to express their views in a rational and peaceful manner and accommodate different views. The Hong Kong government rationally is against the Occupy Central Movement and the founders’ move to occupy central illegally.”


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“Central Hong Kong Shut Down by 80,000 Pro Democracy Demonstrators.”