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New VIDEO: Catch your wave.

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A very successful entrepreneur friend shared this wisdom with me, (he has started multiple 00 million companies). I turned it into a video.

>It’s like surfing… launching that new idea.

>You see the next big thing.

>Like a giant wave approaching.

>You start paddling with all you’ve got. You chase the glory.

>But often that isn’t enough.

>The wave can pass you by.

>And your startup fails.

>Another wave approaches

>You paddle with all your heart

>You hang in there as long as you can…

>You lose yourself in that wave.

>And suddenly you realize you don’t need to paddle anymore.

>The wave is lifting you – carrying you.

>The world has changed. It supports you now.

>You’ve caught the wave – and glory chases you.

Concept by Christoph Bertsch

Spoken word by Garret John LoPorto

Music: Breathe by Pearl Jam

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“New VIDEO: Catch your wave.”