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Brick-laying Robot Is Here To End Human Masonry Jobs Forever

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Construction Robotics (CR) was established in 2007 for the purpose of advancing the construction industry to includeConstruction Robotics Team robotic automation and other advanced technologies.

CR is developing a system that will revolutionize the masonry industry by bringing robotics and automation to the construction site. The product is a Semi-Automated Masonry (SAM) system and is designed to work with the mason, assisting with the repetitive and strenuous task of lifting and placing each brick. The mason will continue to own the site setup and final wall quality, but will improve efficiency through the operation of SAM.

The CR equipment and process provides the following benefits:

• Job savings of greater than 30%

• Reduced physical strain on the mason and crew; mason focuses on tooling joints and wall quality

• Lower health and safety impact on the workforce

• Consistent production rate and performance

CR has been developing this technology since 2007 and has made significant progress to date understanding and solving the technical hurdles that have prevented commercialization of robotic masonry. CR was recently awarded a Phase 2 National Science Foundation Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant to commercialize their robotic bricklaying technology. In October 2013, the SAM Alpha System debuted on a construction site in Victor, NY, working alongside masons on a large commercial building.

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“Brick-laying Robot Is Here To End Human Masonry Jobs Forever”