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BP Asks Judge to Cap Spill Penalties at 2 Billion

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BP is using its money as a voice to convince a federal judge to cap its potential oil-spill pollution fines at a maximum of 2.3 billion.

The British oil giant wants the judge to disregard the higher penalties in Environmental Protection Agency and Coast Guard regulations because, it claims that neither agency has the authority to raise maximum penalties above Congress’s ,000-per-barrel cap for environmental liabilities under the Clean Water Act.

>BP wrote on Friday “It cannot be the law that 20 or more federal agencies all simultaneously possess the power to inflate the civil penalty amounts,” and “That would be a recipe for legal chaos.” also that this “shows no rational pattern that comports with the statute.” The company noted that the EPA’s maximum fines are now set at ,300 a barrel, up ,000 from the year the oil spilled.

From a proud reddit user:

>So a foreign company skimps on safety measures causing an ecological disaster right off our coast, then argues in court that our Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency have no authority to increase fines based on gross negligence.
This same company has been found guilty so many times on safety issues. According to the wiki between 2007 to 2010 BP refineries in Texas and Ohio accounted for 97% of the “egregious, willfull” violations issued by OSHA. Just since 1999 BP has been issued 2 million in fines for dumping toxic substances in Alaska, reached settlement of 5 million in California for air pollution, fined 0 million for blowing up the Texas City Refinery, later an additional 7 million for failing to correct violations related to the Texas City Refinery, fined 22 million for leaking MTBE from storage tanks into ground water, fined 5 million for spilling oil all over Prudhoe Bay Alaska, not to mention the many things that occured outside our jurisdiction. Obviously none of these fines have been sufficient to convince BP to sacrifice profits for proper safety procedures.[GoogleitoErgoSum](


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“BP Asks Judge to Cap Spill Penalties at 2 Billion”