Bible Cross References??

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Can someone help translate this? I have pasted in some comments from another “posting” agent. But I am still lost!

“The red lines are references (could be prophecy or backward reference or as valarauca called it, a call back) to something in the New Testament; it’s not necessarily always a prophecy. Blue lines are references (again, could be a prophecy or a backward reference) to something in the Old Testament; similarly, not necessarily always a backward reference.
A more in-depth explanation than that single sentence, if you care to keep reading:
A reference has a source and target (I can’t come up with better terminology). A source is where the reference is being made, and a target is what is being referred to.
There are forward references (a prophecy: for example, in Genesis, it is said to Abraham that he and his wife will have a child, even though they are very old; this would be a source. Later, they do have a son; this is the target of the reference.)
There are also backward references (recalling something that has already happened). Continuing the example from earlier: I don’t remember fully if there was, but if Abraham or Sarah recalled the prophecy, when their child was born, this would be an example of a backward reference. (When a prophecy comes true, recalling that there was such a prophecy would be a backward reference.) Another example of a backward reference would be recalling something that did happen, not necessarily remembering that something was prophesied. Again continuing the example, someone recalling that Abraham had a son would be a backward reference.
A red line is a reference whose target is in the New Testament. These would include, but are not limited to, prophecies about something that later comes true in the New Testament, or recalling something that happened previously in the New Testament. Because the New Testament takes place chronologically after the Old Testament, all backward references whose target is in the New Testament also have a source in the New Testament. A blue line is a reference whose target is in the Old Testament.
A reference above the horizontal line (do you see the distinction? It’s kind of like an “equator” on the graphic) represents a forward reference, or a prophecy, and a reference below the horizontal line represents a backward reference, or recalling something that happened.
The book of Matthew (abbreviated as Matt in the infographic) is where the New Testament begins, so any reference whose target endpoint is in or after Matthew will be red, while any reference whose endpoint is before that will be Blue.

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“Bible Cross References??”